When the Night Whispers

A riveting, modern-day gothic tale about a woman who succumbs and then must save herself from a dark lover…

Jocelyn Markham’s life has come undone. Her mother’s recent death has left her grief stricken, and even her daughter Mikela sees her vulnerability. Jocelyn is also flat broke. To save money, she moves back to the Markham family home where she discovers a journal written by her great grandmother Caprice–a “doomed foolish” woman despised by both her mother and grandmother. Jocelyn has been told she possesses Caprice’s spirit and looks, “not a good thing,” her grandmother has always warned her.

Thus I a wanton woman will suffer till the end of days and he has been worth it, Caprice has written in her journal. Those words, along with her vivid descriptions of the Harlem Renaissance and of the stranger who seduces her, leave Jocelyn spellbound. Yet she puts the journal aside when she meets Asa, her handsome neighbor. From her first secretive glimpse, Jocelyn is fascinated by him and quickly drawn into his dark world. Despite warnings from her best friend, she falls deeply in love. But the closer she and Asa become, the more power he gains over her until she willingly gives him whatever he wants–and those demands carry a terrible, devastating price.