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An enthralling gothic tale filled with dangerous romance and dark twists and turns

Don’t trust nobody. Not family. Not friend. Don’t let it get him like it got my son.Blood must pay for blood. A debt must be paid. Your boy can never forget.

Raine is a frightened single mother on the run. Davey, her 11-year-old son, inherited his shapeshifting “gift” from his murdered father, and the older he gets the more bestial this gift will become. As Raine struggles to control him, they are pursued by his father’s killer, a shapeshifter who is bent on destroying them both. Fear and mistrust rule Raine’s life…until she meets Cade.

Cade, still grieving his wife’s brutal murder, finds solace in Raine’s companionship. But as the savage details of her death mirror the powers that Davey is soon to have, Raine knows she must protect her son from dangers impossible to control…and the beast that stalks them patiently waits its due.