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"Jocelyn's need for family, friendship and passion will be familiar to any contemporary woman trying to balance life. It's Jocelyn's bad luck and the reader's good fortune that Savanna Welles sends her Asa, a compelling seductive, demonic lover willing to minister to all her needs -- at the price of her soul. Equal parts family saga, erotic adventure and compelling supernatural thriller, When the Night Whispers takes readers on a journey that is exhilarating, terrifying, and irresistible." ~ Jill Nelson, Author of  Let's Get it On

"…a dark sometimes chilling journey of life and love…" ~ Ebony Magazine, "Red-hot Sins and Scandals"


Thanks so much for visiting my website.  I write mysteries, books for kids and paranormal romances under the pen name Savanna Welles, but many  readers know me best as a mystery writer. I’ve received so many emails asking when my next Tamara Hayle mystery is coming out, I decided to write a blog about it.  My progress on my mystery has been steady, exciting…and a great deal of fun.  www.valeriewilsonwesley.com/blog/waitingfortamarahayle.

  But I do love slipping into my romance-writing cloak and typing away.  When the Night Whispers, my  first Savanna Welles novel, came out last year.   The Moon Tells Secrets, will be out in March 2015.  It’s the story of  Raine, a desperate single mom on-the-run, who is trying to protect her son from the skin walker who murdered his father and is relentlessly stalking her boy who inherited his father’s shape-shifting ability.  Raine fears this “gift” will doom them both—but then she falls in love.  The Moon Tells Secrets can be pre-ordered  on www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesandNoble.com.   

Later this year, Just Us Books, the children’s book publisher, will publish Willimena Rules! 9 Steps to the Best, Worst, Greatest Holiday Ever, the seventh book of my Willimena Rules series. Visit their site www.JustUsBooks.com  for updates and to review all their list of terrific books for kids.  

For those who have read my books, thank you for your support, and if you haven’t I hope you will. Most of them can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and through independent bookstores and other on-line sites.