Check out Time’s The 100 Best Mystery and Thriller Books of All Time!

Time’s The 100 Best Mystery and Thriller Books of All Time!

WHEN DEATH COMES STEALING by Valerie Wilson Wesley

In Valerie Wilson Wesley’s 1994 novel, investigator Tamara Hayle’s personal and professional lives collide. Tamara’s ex-husband is grieving the loss of his two sons from previous relationships, both of whom died tragically young and under mysterious circumstances—and he’s hiring her to uncover what really happened to them. For Tamara, the cases have extra urgency: She’s fearful that Jamal, her own son with DeWayne, might be next. The first of eight books in Wilson Wesley’s Tamara Hayle series, the novel addresses the all-too-real issues of police violence and racial discrimination. But Wilson Wesley, a former executive editor of Essence Magazine, adeptly balances the heavy subject matter with moments of levity and wit, as well as a measured sense of suspense that keeps readers rapt until the book’s gripping conclusion. —Cady Lang

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Join Valerie Wilson Wesley at Watchung Booksellers on Thu July 27, 2023 7-8pm

Valerie Wilson Wesley, “A Shimmer of Red (An Odessa Jones Mystery #3)”

Thursday July 27th, 2023 from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Join us in celebrating Valerie Wilson Wesley with her third Odessa Jones Mystery installment, A Shimmer of Red, in conversation with Edgar Award Nominee Kellye Garrett.

From the award-winning creator of Newark private eye Tamara Hayle, the third installment in a spell-binding cozy mystery series featuring a multicultural cast and starring Odessa Jones, a recent widow with a brand new catering business, a full-time real estate gig, and the gift of second sight.

With pandemic-fearing city dwellers fleeing to the New Jersey suburbs, Risko Realty—and Odessa Jones—are having their best year ever. Finally on solid financial footing, Odessa is debt-free and looking forward to the future. But she doesn’t need second sight to sense her new young co-worker, Anna Lee, is on edge–and straight-up terrified–in spite of her hot sales record and sunny, outgoing attitude. And when Anna is killed in a hit-and-run, Odessa sees immediately that it was no accident…


Registered guests will receive priority seating. Any remaining seats will be open to standby guests beginning at 6:50pm

LJ Talks Mystery Mash-Ups with Novelist Valerie Wilson Wesley

Hello everyone,

I’m so excited about my interview in Library Journal this month with Brian Kenney. It was great talking to him about cozy mysteries and learning more about this genre.
If you haven’t read my cozy series, try A Glimmer of Death my first Odessa Jones Mystery. I think you’ll enjoy meeting “Dessa” and the fascinating world in which she lives. A Fatal Glow is my second book. A Shimmer of Red will be out in July and can be pre-ordered on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Thanks again for supporting me through all these years through all my mysteries. I hope you enjoy these new ones!

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Valerie Wilson Wesley is back with “A Shimmer of Red” – available Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Pre-order your copy today!


Valerie Wilson Wesley is back with the 3rd installment in a spell-binding #cozy #mystery series featuring a multicultural cast and starring Odessa Jones, a recent widow with a brand new catering business, a full-time real estate gig, and the gift of second sight. #PREORDER your copy today of “A Shimmer of Red” – available Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other retailers!

A Fatal Glow – on sale for a limited time on BookBub!

A Fatal Glow is on sale on BookBub!

Available for a limited time, grab your copy of Valerie Wilson Wesley’s “A Fatal Glow” for only $1.99 at BookBub. This is a fantastic cozy #mystery #book you don’t want to miss reading!

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Valerie Wilson Wesley on The Cozy Corner Podcast – Spring 2022

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Valerie Wilson Wesley joins The Cozy Corner to chat about A Fatal Glow, the second Odessa Jones cozy mystery. Listen to hear what Valerie learned while writing a cozy series. Find out how her cozy sleuth, Odessa, differs from her private detective, Tamara Hayle. And stay tuned to hear Valerie read the first paragraph of A Fatal Glow.

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In Memory of Grace

I’d like to share this remembrance of writer Grace Edwards during Women’s History Month. She wrote great mysteries and was a major influence on me and other young writers who belonged to  the Harlem Writer’s Guild.  Grace taught me valuable lessons about kindness and the responsibility of supporting and encouraging aspiring writers.

When I was a member of the Guild in the 1980s, Grace was secretary and executive director. She wrote mysteries set in Harlem and the first,  If I Should Die,  published in 1967 was one of the few by black women, and a great read.  But my favorite Edwards’ book was the novel In the Shadow of the Peacock written in 1988. I was afraid to call myself  writer when I first set foot in the Harlem Writer’s Guild. We met in the Central Park West apartment of an established writer, which was scary for a novice like me. My husband Richard was successful in both theater and film, and I didn’t want other writers to know we were married and assume that he had influenced me. I was determined to make my own way on my own terms. At that point, I’d written only poems and short stories, as many beginning writers do. I hadn’t shared my work with anybody, not even my husband.

The workshop meetings were held once a month at which a member would share his or her work. Well-known, professional writers would drop in to offer critiques, which were always constructive and helpful. When my turn finally came to read, I was terrified. My hands shook, and I could hardly control my voice. My story was about a young woman having an affair with a married man told  in the woman’s voice and from her perspective. I’d worked hard on it and thought it was pretty good; not everyone agreed.  The guest writer tore into my story with such venom and contempt I still remember how wounded I was, even after all these years. She told me I had no right to call myself a writer and shouldn’t continue. I was so devastated I ran into the bathroom and cried, afraid to come back out and determined never to write again.

Grace knocked gently on  the door. She comforted me and said my story was just fine. The problem was the critic, she explained, who was her contemporary and jealous of young talent. Besides that, her husband had just left her for  a younger woman, and my story hit too close to home.  Always take critics, particularly other writers, with a grain of salt, Grace advised. They bring their own vulnerabilities, agendas and craziness to your work. You need to learn to be your own best critic and have faith in what you write. Your writing means too much to you  for you to give it up, and someday it may be important to other people as well.

I am grateful that many years later I was able to thank Grace for her encouragement that night. I told her  how much her words meant to me, and that I would never forget them.  No matter the profession, those of us who mentor younger people should never hesitate to reach out to those in need of our  support.  It’s one of the lessons taught by women like Grace.

Dessa’s Go-To Cake Makes Its Tea Time Magazine Debut

Dessa’s Go-To Cake

I’m so grateful to all of you who have been so supportive of A GLIMMER OF DEATH, my new cozy mystery. I’m also thrilled—and excited–about the interest in Dessa’s Go-To-Cake, which is featured at the end of the book.

Here is an article about the cake in the March/April edition of Tea Time, a charming magazine about tea and desserts. Several readers have graciously sent me photographs of their versions of Dessa’s cake, which I’ve posted in the comments below.

Thank you all!


LA Times: 5 winter mysteries that turn up the heat

LA Times Reviews “A Glimmer of Death”

I am so excited about this review in the Los Angeles Times ! What a thrill to be mentioned in the same space as #WalterMosley, one of my favorite writers. This definitely made my weekend!

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Watchung Booksellers’ Evening with the Authors: Watch now!

Valerie Wilson Wesley in Conversation with V.M. Burns

My thanks to all my FB friends who were able to drop in on the virtual launch of A GLIMMER OF DEATH, my new cozy mystery, hosted by Watchung Booksellers on Wednesday. For those who weren’t able to make it, below is the link to Watchung Booksellers, a fantastic independent, that has signed copies of my book. And below is the link to my interview with VM Burns–my great partner in crime!

Even though the date has passed, you can click on the link below, register and then watch our recent interview:

Order your copy of #AGlimmerOfDeath directly from Watchung Booksellers: