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"Don’t trust nobody. Not family. Not friend. Don’t let it get him like it got my son. Blood must pay for blood. A debt must be paid. Your boy can never forget.”

Raine is a frightened single mother on the run. Davey, her 11-year-old son, inherited his shapeshifting “gift” from his murdered father, and the older he gets the more bestial this gift will become. As Raine struggles to control him, they are pursued by his father’s killer, a shapeshifter who is bent on destroying them both. Fear and mistrust rule Raine’s life…until she meets Cade.       

Cade, still grieving his wife’s brutal murder, finds solace in Raine’s companionship. But as the savage details of her death mirror the powers that Davey is soon to have, Raine knows she must protect her son from dangers impossible to control…as the beast that stalks them patiently waits its due.




 when_night_whispersA riveting, modern gothic tale.

Jocelyn's life feels empty and devoid of passion and purpose. After she finds a journal written by her "doomed" great grandmother Caprice, she is spellbound by her story: the escape from an abusive marriage, the flight to New York City during the Harlem Renaissance, her seduction by a nameless lover both "demon and savior." And then Jocelyn meets Asa, her mysterious, next door neighbor.

Asa is charming, handsome and daring, and as if by magic, Jocelyn is drawn into his hedonistic lifestyle. Luna, Jocelyn's best friend, is suspicious, but Jocelyn ignores her warnings. Yet the more power Asa gains over Jocelyn, the more she realizes that his affection -- and his bond to her past -- carry a terrible and devastating price.

Praise for When the Night Whispers

"This is more than the devil walking among us. It's an intergenerational sage of mothers and daughters. Ultimately that's why this book works; mother-daughter bonds transcend all genres." ~ Jacqueline Cutler, The Sunday Star Ledger

"…Equal parts family saga, erotic adventure and compelling supernatural thriller, When the Night Whispers takes readers on a journey that is exhilarating, terrifying, and irresistible." ~ Jill Nelson, Author of Let's Get it On

"…a dark chilling journey of life and love…" ~ Ebony Magazine, "Red-hot Sins and Scandals"

"An undiscovered grandmother's journal, a mysterious and alluring new neighor, and obsessive attraction mark this paranormal debut…Keep the lights on when you enjoy the ride." ~ Tananarive Due, Bestselling author of My Soul to Keep


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