An enthralling gothic tale filled with dangerous romance and dark twists and turns

Raine is a frightened single mother on the run. Davey, her 11-year-old son, inherited the ability to shape-shift from his dead father and can transform himself into any animal he desires. Raine doesn't know how to control his "gift" nor protect him from the skinwalker who wants to kill them both. When Davey reaches adolescence, he will be able to shift into an animal with all the viciousness of the one that killed his father. Before her death, Davey's grandmother warned Raine to keep her son safe until he was old enough to protect himself.  

     “Don’t trust nobody. Not family. Not friend. Don’t let it get him like it got my son, not until he is ready to meet it. That is his destiny.”

       Mistrust and fear are the principles that guide Raine’s life until she meets Cade, a handsome teacher still mourning the murder of his wife,“ripped apart as if by some savage beast.” Raine and Cade, both lonely and at loose ends, are drawn to each other. Yet as Raine discovers the details of his wife's death, she fears that Cade’s hatred of the beast that killed her will destroy her son. As they fall in love, the skinwalker patiently stalks them waiting to claim its due.




 when_night_whispersA riveting, modern gothic tale.

Jocelyn's life feels empty and devoid of passion and purpose. After she finds a journal written by her "doomed" great grandmother Caprice, she is spellbound by her story: the escape from an abusive marriage, the flight to New York City during the Harlem Renaissance, her seduction by a nameless lover both "demon and savior." And then Jocelyn meets Asa, her mysterious, next door neighbor.

   Asa is charming, handsome and daring, and as if by magic, Jocelyn is drawn into his hedonistic lifestyle. Luna, Jocelyn's best friend, is suspicious, but Jocelyn ignores her warnings. Yet the more power Asa gains over Jocelyn, the more she realizes that his affection--and his bond to her past--carry a terrible and devastating price.


Praise for When the Night Whispers

This is more than the devil walking among us. It’s an intergenerational sage of mothers and daughters. Ultimately that’s why this book works; mother-daughter bonds transcend all genres.
--- Jacqueline Cutler, The Sunday Star Ledger

"…Equal parts family saga, erotic adventure and compelling supernatural thriller, When the Night Whispers takes readers on a journey that is exhilarating, terrifying, and irresistible."
--Jill Nelson, Author of Let's Get it On

"…a dark chilling journey of life and love…   
--Ebony Magazine, "Red-hot Sins and Scandals"





playing_my_mothers_bluesDani Carter was seven years old -- her sister, Rose, seventeen -- when their beautiful, impetuous mother, Maria, walked out of their lives, abandoning her husband and family for a love affair that would end tragically mere months later. Over the decades that followed, Dani was able to overcome the persistent pain and feelings of betrayal, eventually wedding a successful man and giving birth to a wonderful son. But love has long been missing from her marriage, propelling her into the arms of another and inspiring troubling thoughts of escape. If it were not for the distress caused by the recent death of her father, she might well have already been gone. The sins of the mother, Dani fears, have been visited upon the daughter.

Dani's sister, Rose, never spoke or speaks of their lost parent. And their iron-willed, driven father -- who channeled his shame and anger into phenomenal business success -- always made it brutally clear that he considered his ex-wife to be evil incarnate. But Dani remembers a sweet, funny, vivacious young woman who did everything with exuberant love and tenderness. And now that she finds herself in a similar heartbreaking situation, Dani can't help but wonder who Maria really was.

It's a puzzle that may soon be completed, after a lifetime of searching for missing pieces. Maria, calling herself Mariah, is about to reenter her daughters' worlds -- at a time of emotional confusion and physical chaos -- bearing secrets and bitter truths ... and, perhaps, long-awaited answers to what could possibly drive a mother to sacrifice what was dearest to her heart.






always_true_to_youA trio of great single women is being driven to distraction; they have one thing in common -- Randall Hollis, a successful art dealer at the top of his game. Randall is rich, handsome, and charming -- the true-to-life dream lover of these smart, independent women who all find themselves passionately involved with him during the same seven-month period.

Randall Hollis is a man for all seasons, representing a different fantasy for each of the women who love him. As the novel unfolds, each woman will discover more about herself than she bargained for. And each, along with the errant Randall himself, will finally know the true meaning of love and the peace that comes with forgiveness.

Praise for Always True to You in My Fashion

"Always True To You in My Fashion has many layers and should be hailed as a modern day classic." ~ Curled Up With A Good Book

"Valerie Wilson Wesley delivers another satisfying read." ~ Essence

"The reader is left with a gripping novel hard to put down till the last page." ~ Booklist





aint_nobodys_businessAt forty, artist-turned-librarian Eva Hutchinson isn't looking for a change. But on a hot Friday the 13th in June, Hutch, her husband of ten years, picks up his suitcase and walks into the night, searching for the "joy" that he feels is missing from their marriage. Suddenly, playing by the old rules doesn't make much sense to a not-quite-young sister whose stable world has turned upside down. Recipient of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association 2000 award for excellence in adult fiction.

Praise for Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do

"Valerie Wilson Wesley has tapped into the strengths and frailties of men, women, family friends--and marriage--and explores the price to paid and the joys to be gained when we finally grow up." ~ Sandra Kitt



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"Mature, believable romance (with) valuable observations on love, self-respect and responsibility."
---Publisher's Weekly

"It isn't necessary to be black to understand and enjoy the prolific Ms. Wesley…(She) speaks to universals."
---Dallas Morning News

"There's a richness of language in Wesley's writing joined by a delightful sense of humor."
--San Francisco Examiner

"Engaging…funny…Wesley has a keen ear for dialogue."
--Washington Post Book World