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"In this world, a black woman rolls the dice when she births a baby boy. . ." says Tricia Johnson, a character in Richard Wesley's "Autumn" a new political play about contemporary black politics currently running at Crossroads Theater in New Brunswick.

I'm as amazed by Richard's work as I was the first day I met him. Readers often ask why I chose Newark and New Jersey as the setting for my mysteries and novels, and it's because of this remarkable man and writer I've been married to for nearly 44 years. His undying love for his birthplace and determination to bring it to life is contagious. We continue to learn from each other.

Considering what's been happening in Baltimore and will, no doubt, happen again, Richard's play rings particularly true on so many levels. We have an eight-year-old grandson and not a day passes when we don't discuss how our family can protect him, what we can say and do to make sure he will not become a victim of this America we live in. We have about ten years to completely figure it out. And that frightens us more than anything else.

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