Tuesday, 04 August 2015 23:26

I am so excited about attending the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta this weekend.

I am so excited about attending the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta this weekend. There is nothing like a stimulating discussion with enthusiastic readers to get me revved up and eager to finish my new mystery and the children’s book I’ve been working on.

When I wrote When Death Comes Stealing, my first Tamara Hayle Mystery, so many years ago, I didn’t know much about book clubs. It was all about the writing then—creating the best book I could, exploring the boundaries of a new and challenging genre, creating characters—and a main character—who had never existed before. On my first book tour—in Dallas as I remember--I was invited to discuss my book with members of a marvelous book club and a whole new world opened up for me.

How often does one get the chance to sit with a bunch of smart, savvy women over a glass of wine, punch, tea and talk books? There is always food—and it is always terrific. Someone should collect and share tasty recipes from book club members. (Maybe me when I get some time!) I did a reading recently for a wonderful book club in New York City and we had a fantastic kale salad made by a member named Sondra that none of could get enough of. I’ll ask her for the recipe and pass it on as soon as I get it—hopefully, she’ll let me!

The list of book club members who have supported me is a long one. These members have helped me get up when I was down, given me that spark of inspiration when I most needed it, presented me with awards that have touched my heart. I treasure the awards from the Go-On Girls book clubs, the trips with the Literary Sisters and Avid Readers, and sippin tea—and a bit of champagne—with the lovely Sisters Sippin Tea. I have so many memories—so many good times.

Each and every book club that I have met has contributed to my growth as a writer. And they all have my love, blessings and gratitude.

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