Friday, 03 July 2015 23:21

After an Alaskan cruise, I’m finally back to work on my next Tamara Hayle Mystery!

After an Alaskan cruise (magnificent glaciers, disappearing glaciers), I’m finally back to work on my next Tamara Hayle Mystery. I’m also looking forward to several upcoming book conferences where I’ll be promoting THE MOON TELLS SECRETS and any other books readers want me to sign. My absolute best experiences as a writer have always been within the cozy supportive circles of book clubs so I’m eagerly awaiting the NATIONAL BLACK BOOK CONFERENCE in Atlanta. GA from August 7-9th. I’m honored to be a featured writer and hope to see old friends and meet new ones. I’m also excited about joining other divas in the Real Divas Read book conference in Bowie MD on October 16th and 17th.
Now that’s going to be fun.

Draped in my romance writer’s cloak and under the name Savanna Welles—you’ll find me at the 35th Annual Romance Writers of America Conference (RWA) in New York City from July 22-25th. The Romance Writers of America is a must-join organization for all romance writers—published and non-published who are interested in writing romances. RWR, the monthly magazine, is available to all members, and is an amazing source of information and tips about writing in general and the romance industry in particular.

And anyone who loves mysteries should belong to Sisters in Crime, an organization for mystery lovers that was founded by the great mystery writer Sara Paretsky and has been around since 1968. It is an organization that advocates the inclusion of women in the world of mysteries. A contest for emerging writers of color in honor of my late friend Eleanor Taylor Bland is seeking to bring new writers into the fold. I joined SINC after I wrote my first Tamara Hayle mystery and will never forget the warmth and support I received from all the members. I recently renewed my membership and urge all writers and readers who support women and love a good mystery to join.

Three things I recommend this month--enjoy your 4th of July, read THe HALF HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD by Edward F. Baptist, a groundbreaking, myth-busting book about how the enslavement of black people fueled America’s “greatness,” and finally, be mindful of melting glaciers…

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