Wednesday, 18 March 2015 18:43

Every now and then, I become my own personal scold...

Every now and then, I become my own personal scold. I should write books that really matter, I tell myself, ones that make a difference, bring joy and insight to those who seek it. Genre writers are generally disrespected in the world of books—like the cousin with promise who can only panhandle—and that can be a downer. I’ve written other things and will continue to, yet I’m always drawn back to mysteries and the mysterious. The truth is, I simply love to write, and even at my age, I’m a daredevil and will try just about anything. I love creating characters and discovering where they lead me because they always go somewhere that I don't expect. Tamara Hayle comments on politics, crime and the way it impacts women’s live at a specific point in time—and writing about her again is a real pleasure.

I'm researching a non-fiction book for kids with another writer that is inspired by my young grandson. I know that will take me places I look forward to going.

“Savanna Welles” offers me the chance to dress as somebody else and play in a different universe. In a million years, I never thought I’d be writing about a young woman like Raine and the terror that haunts her in my latest paranormal THE MOON TELLS SECRETS. (if you're interested, it just went on sale!)

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